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10 Day Lord of the Rings Tour

The 10 Day Lord of the Rings Tour will take you from the capital, Wellington, to New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown.

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2014-12-10 to 2014-12-21
14 Day Lord of the Rings Tour

An epic journey through Middle Earth. From north to south, discover breathtaking scenery, walk through epic battlegrounds, venture deep into the Shire.

As you follow in the footsteps of Peter Jackson's hobbits, you'll experience more than you imagined was possible on a two-week adventure of a lifetime.

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2014-12-06 to 2014-12-20


Red Carpet Tours opened its doors in 2001, and has since taken thousands of The Lord of the Rings fans on life-changing journeys across Middle Earth.

Originally developed by two Tolkien enthusiasts, Vic James and Erica Challis (founder of, Red Carpet Tours is a family business, run by a collaboration of like-minded people who are committed to leading the most informative, compelling and adventurous tours through the awe-inspiring scenery, movie sets, and exact locations featured in the trilogy.
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Guest Comments

The more time we have from our trip ending, the more we think back with great fondness and appreciation. I try to impress on people I see here, back home, almost daily what an incredible time I had but all I can come up with are words like "magical" and "special". It truly was that.